Can You Open the Door Please?

Picture of white door ajar, and beyond door is a meadow and blue sky.Every morning we wake up, go through our normal routine and leave the house to take on the day.  There is one step of this process that you make be taking for granted – opening the door.

How often have you thought about what is required to open the door?  For most of us this is an automatic movement that we perform without even thinking about it.  But, for many people with disabilities, this can be an impossible task.


You may be familiar with fully automatic door openers, such as the Open Sesame Door System (  These products provide full accessibility and require very little physical effort for a person with a disability to operate.  For these fancy features, the price tag is close to $2000.

But, there may be situations where a fully automated door opener is not needed, and there are some very inexpensive alternatives to consider.

First, depending on the person’s disability, all that may be required is to switch out round doorknobs for lever doorknobs.

Round door knob
Lever Door Knob






Lever knobs allow for a person to wedge their hand/arm between the knob and the door and without gripping the knob, the door can be opened.  It is often helpful to install a pull string to help with closing the door.  This is a $20 solution.

Other times, people with disabilities may have difficulty handling keys.  There are many key turners and holders on the market, but another way would be to use a remote controlled door knob/deadbolt.  There are many of these products on the market, and range in price from $100 – $300.

Hopefully this article has shown you that although some people with disabilities do require a fully automated door opener, there are less expensive alternatives that may suit the need as well.

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