About Antoinette

Photo of Antoinette Verdone wearing a pink scarf, gray grate in the background
Antoinette Verdone, ATP, RET
Founder, Lead Consultant

Antoinette Verdone is a Graduate Rehabilitation Engineer and certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP).

With a bachleor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in biomedical engineering (with a concentration in rehabilitation engineering) Antoinette comes to the rehab world with a unique perspective.  She is able to look at problems in a thoughtful and methodical manner.  With her technical knowledge and understanding of disability, she is able to help clients find practical and useful solutions to their assistive technology needs.

Antoinette has over 20 years of experience providing assistive technology services to clients.  She has made presentations at local, national, and international conferences on a variety of assistive technology topics.

Antoinette is a creative problem solver.  The entire staff at ImproveAbility focuses on each client’s individual needs to provide efficient solutions.

Before moving to the great state of Texas in 2011 and opening ImproveAbility, Antoinette worked for The ALS Association, Greater New York Chapter and the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation.  This range of experience in government, non profit, and for profit business has given Antoinette a wide range of knowledge and resources from which to work.

Antoinette is involved in ensuring the assistive technology profession is robust and that professionals work in a client-centered and ethical manner.  She is a member of the RESNA Professional Standards Board, which governs the certification of assistive technology professionals, fields complaints on certified professionals, as well as works to keep certificate programs up to date – reflecting the current needs of the industry.

On a personal note, Antoinette is a lover of art and design.  She enjoys hunting unique furniture pieces for her home as well as covering her walls with original art.