Case Study – Denise Salinas

A Case Study – Denise Salinas

In this issue we will highlight one of our recent success stories.

Here is a little background on our client, Denise Salinas.  Ms. Salinas had polio as a child, which has left her legs weakened.  She is able to walk limited distances with the assistance of a walker.  Ms. Salinas has a background as an occupational therapist, and works as a medical coder.

The main issue that was preventing Ms. Salinas from working was a recent onset of seizures.  Ms. Salinas began to have seizures which made it difficult to have a 9-5 job.  The seizures were unpredictable, and she would need to take a few days off after a seizure.  So, Ms. Salinas began to do medical coding from home.

She set up a workstation in her living room, from the couch.

Picture of client sitting at her couch with a lapto in front and a side table
Picture of client sitting at old workstation, view from back

With this setup, the client was having many difficulties.  The couch had been raised up to make it easier for the client to get in/out, but this caused the client’s feet to dangle.  Denise was experiencing neck and back pain due to not being well supported and having to look back and forth from the coding manual to the computer many times over the course of the day.  With this set up the client had to take frequent breaks and lie down on the couch to rest.  Denise was also having a problem with pressure sores on her bottom which caused discomfort and forced her to take frequent breaks from sitting upright.

Picture of client sitting in the new setup from front
Picture of client sitting in new setup up from back

As you can see from the above pictures, the client’s body is fully supported by the recliner.  The computer monitor was placed on an arm to allow for good positioning.

Denise has been using this set up for approximately three months now, and she reports that she has been able to double her work hours!  She is also looking to add even more hours as she is able to work without taking frequent breaks.  Denise reports that the chair supports her body very well and she has no more pressure sore issues.  Also, being able to adjust the angle of the monitor has been a benefit as she can make herself comfortable in the chair and then set the monitor to suit her position.  By using a large size monitor and an electronic form of the coding manual, Denise is able to view the manual and her work at the same time.  This has dramatically reduced her need to move her head and neck, which has contributed to her overall comfort and ability to work longer hours.

Every person’s needs are different.  We strive to look at every situation as unique and to find a solution to suit that client’s needs.

This was a great case to work on and we are very happy with the results.  If you have any questions about the products used in this case or any questions about assistive technology, please contact us.