No Touch Bathroom

Some of us do not want to touch anything in the bathroom, even in our own homes!  Some might consider this a psychological problem, but technology has now made it possible to use the bathroom in your own home without touching anything!  These products are also very beneficial to people who do not have the strength or dexterity to operate bathroom fixtures.  Here are a couple of products that you may find helpful in the bathroom:

For help with flushing the toilet, there are two products that can help with that.  First, there is the Foot Flush, which allows you to flush the toilet by pressing a foot petal.
Picture of the Foot Flush
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Or, you can install the iTouchless Sensor Flush, which makes flushing your toilet totally automatic.  Once you move away from the toilet, the toilet is flushed without having to touch anything!

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Some people may be able to get to the toilet on their own, but they are not able to clean themselves after using the bathroom.  The use of a bidet can allow these people to remain independent in the bathroom.  Also, this is actually a more hygienic solution for able-bodied people.  For info on Click here to read an article about the health benefits of bidets.

You can purchase a toilet that has the bidet functions built in ( for example), but this can be very expensive.  There are a number of bidet products that can be added to your existing toilet.  Please note that these are just examples, and not an endorsement of any particular product.

EZ Wash ComfortSeat®
Picture of Bidet that can be added to an existing toilet.
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The ComfortSeat® EZ Wash is an inexpensive bidet-like system that installs within minutes. The unit bolts under your existing toilet seat. It will fit both standard round and elongated toilets.
The turn-dial control on the ComfortSeat® EZ Wash is easy to use. With the turn of the dial, you control the water pressure to suit your cleansing needs. The unit does not use batteries or electricity, but simply the available water pressure.  This is just one example of this type of bidet.

If you need to have more flexibility with the location of the controls, here are bidets with remote controls, for example:

Swash by Brondell – $400-$900
Picture of Swash Bidet by Brondell

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There are many bidets on the market today that have seperate remotes.  Just do a web search for remote controlled bidet and you will see many other options.

The remotes for these bidets can be mounted on the wall, held in the hand, or mounted in another location for independent operation.

These higher end bidets are full service units that will raise and lower the seat in addition to washing and drying you after using the toilet.  Some bidet seats also have the option of a heated seat!

Ok, now its time to wash your hands.  The EZ Faucet allows you to turn the flow of water, simply by putting your hands underneath the faucet.
PIcture of EZ faucet - turn on/off flow of water by putting your hands underneath the faucet.
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Another option is a device that physically stops the flow of water until you press on an extension underneath the sink.
Picture of item that allows for using faucet without having to turn knobs.
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These products do not require batteries, but they do require you to use a little bit of force to open the flow of water.

You don’t even have to touch the soap dispenser.  There are many automatic soap dispensers on the market, here is just one of these:
Picture of IR soap dispenser.
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To dry your hands, you can use a touchless paper towel dispenser and then throw the towel away into a trashcan that opens automatically.

The Clean Cut Paper Towel Dispenser
Picture of Clean Cut Paper Dispenser
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iTouchless Towel-Matic
Picture of iTouchless Paper Towel Dispenser
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iTouchless Bathroom Trashcan
Picture of iTouchless Bathroom Trash Can
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Most of us try to get in and out of the bathroom as quickly as possible, but there are those times that you need to spend some quality time in the bathroom.  For some added ambiance, try a remote controlled, scented candle.

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All of these products are relatively inexpensive and can be installed easily onto existing bathroom fixtures.  All of these products would be welcome additions to any bathroom.  But, for people with physical difficulties, these products can help maintain independence and dignity.

Here are some websties where you can find these and other helpful products.

Alimed – 1-800-225-2610
The Alzheimer’s Store – 1-800-3238
iTouchless 650-578-0578
Active Forever – 1-800-377-8033
Allegro Medical1-800-861-3211