Emergency Response

In case of emergency, individuals have three actions they should be able to perform regardless of their condition. ImproveAbility can evaluate an individual’s living and work environments to provide assistive technology recommendations for emergency responses.

The goal is to allow the individual the ability to do at minimum one of the following actions:

  • Contact 911
  • Exit the home via an emergency egress
  • Getting attention from a caregiver inside the home

Contacting 911

Everyone in the house needs to be able to call 911 24/7 and there are a few options to make this possible for just about anyone.

  • We can assist in the process of flagging an address in the 911 system letting authorities know valuable information ahead of time.
  • Set up the ability to text 911 – for those who lack adequate verbal communication.
    • This may not be available in all areas.
  • Lanyard Cellular Device
  • Smart Watches – Fall Detection and automatic 911 alert

Emergency Egress

Any individual needs to have the ability to get away from a dangerous situation. ImproveAbility can develop modified escape plans for those who need them. This can be done in the form of:

  • Designated pick up areas
  • Accessible Exits
  • Accessible Alarms
  • Home Modifications 

Getting Attention From Inside the Home

At times a client may not be able to easily get the attention of a caregiver inside the home if the caregiver is in another room or in the backyard.  ImproveAbility we can provide suggestions to clients for this task including:

  • Switch Adapted Attendant Calls
    • Accessed through an easy to activate switch or a communication device.
  • Voice activated home intercom