Environmental Control

The term environmental control can mean a lot of things.  The terms ECU (Environmental Control Unit) and EADL (Electronic Aids for Daily Living) are also used for these solutions.

ImproveAbility is knowledge about the cutting edge of home automation and how to provide people with disabilities access to their home and environment.

Door Openers

ImproveAbility is able to install automatic door openers that can be operated via push button control, power wheelchair drive control, or control via mobile device or computer.  Automatic door openers provide total home independence for users.

Automated Locks/Front Door Intercoms

For some users, a fully automated door is not needed, but the ability to remotely answer and/or lock the door is the real need.  We are able to provide solutions to allow users to remotely answer their door, speak to the visitor, and also remotely operate their locks.  These items can be used in conjunction with a door opener, or without.

Home Automation

ImproveAbility is able to provide users with control over, lights, appliances, bed control, locks, thermostats, entertainment systems, telephones/mobile devices, and more via mobile devices, computer, or dedicated environmental control systems.

Putting it All Together

ImproveAbility assesses each user’s individual needs to put together a system that will best suit their requirements.  Whether a user wants control over just a few items or if a user wants full control over their entire home – we are here to help you.  We can provide systems that are controlled via mobile devices and/or voice controlled system, and many other options.

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