If you are waiting for your voucher, you can call STAP directly.

The phone number for STAP is 512-438-4880.


If you have received your voucher from STAP, read below and follow the steps to exchange your voucher.

Do not write on or sign the STAP Voucher. We need to have a blank copy of your STAP Voucher. When we send you the item, there will be a letter of receipt that you will be signing in lieu of signing the voucher.

Step 1:

  • Look at the “Void After” date on your voucher. We ask that the voucher be valid within 60 days of the “Void After” date.  We have this stipulation because we need time to order, process, and then ship your item.  If your STAP voucher has a “Void After” date less than 60 days from today, then you will need to contact STAP to get a replacement voucher.  (Getting a replacement voucher typically takes only 2-3 weeks to arrive.)  Please contact us to discuss any exception to the 60 day requirement.

Step 2:

  • See the list below for the most popular items clients choose with their vouchers. Please choose an item you would like to order.  If there is a $0 under the “$$ Out of Pocket” column, that means there is no out of pocket cost for the device and shipping is included.  These devices are completely covered by the STAP Voucher.


Devices WITH an out of pocket cost:

**Prices subject to change at any time.

If you cannot read the list above, you can see the list on our full order form – go to Step 5.

Step 3:

  • Look to see what the Out of Pocket cost is for the item you want.
  • If there is a $0 by the item under the column “Out of Pocket”, that means it is completely covered by your STAP Voucher (including shipping/handling). Go to Step 4.
  • If there is an Out of Pocket amount next to the item you want, go to Step 5.

Step 4:

  • Can you upload a clear copy of your voucher?
    • Yes – click the button below to complete your order form online.  Once you complete the online form, you are done!  You will receive an email notification that we have received your order.
    • No –  go to Step 5.

Step 5:

  • Fill out the Two Way Texting Order Form – click the button below to download the form.  Completely follow all instructions on the downloaded form.

For all exchanges:

  • Your STAP item will be delivered to you within 2 to 4 weeks of your online order or when our office receives your paperwork by mail or fax.


Please contact us with any questions.