Technology for Learning Disabilities – TBI

For users with learning disabilities, there are a number of assistive technology options to help.  Often the solutions for those with learning disabilities are also applicable to those with traumatic brain injuries (TBI)


ImproveAbility is often called in to assist with the process of transitioning from high school to college.  It is important to understand that the kinds of supports that K-12 is obligated to provide is very different from the accommodations that higher education is required to provide.

What we see is that in K-12, the user is provided a lot of human supports – reading text out loud by a person, a person assisting with spelling, etc.  But, in higher education, the school’s responsibility is only to make the curriculum accessible – it is up to the student to access it on their own.

There are software and hardware solutions that can help those with learning disabilities to read and to spell independently.  ImproveAbility can help to find the right fit for you.

Text to Speech

Text to speech as a concept is very helpful for those with reading difficulties to better comprehend the written word.  There are a number of ways to have electronic text read out loud – some of these will highlight the words as they are spoken.  For some users, changing colors and the text font also makes a big difference.  ImproveAbilty is able to demonstrate text to speech on a number of platforms to find the right solution for you.

Note Taking Assistance

Spelling Assistance

Research Assistance

Color Overlays

Decreasing Screen Clutter