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  • iOS Devices as Assistive Technology – an Introduction

    The world of Assistive Technology is changing so fast, it is often hard to keep up!  Even for someone like me who is constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve of what is available in the world of technology for people with disabilities, I find myself discovering new solutions every day!

  • Reading Without A Book

    Reading Without A Book If you ever wanted to know how to access reading material in alternate forms – this is the article for you!  This article focuses on those with physical disabilities, but many of the options would be helpful for anyone who cannot access standard printed material. Here in central Texas we have…

  • Assistive Technology and “Regular” Technology Mashup!

    I think that there is a misconception that assistive technology is only for people with disabilities. This picture is starting to change. As more and more “regular” tech is being used by people with disabilities (example – iPad) and as more “regular” people want to be able to access their technology in different ways (example…