Each one of us has our own way of speaking.  Your unique accent, inflection, and emphasis makes your voice part of YOU.  Now is the time to preserve your voice in case you experience voice changes due to ALS.  Through voice banking and message banking you can preserve your unique voice.

If you would like to bank you voice, ImproveAbility can setup your accounts and provide instructions on how to create your own synthesized voice.  This is provided free of charge!  You will be able to hear your synthesized voice for free. Once you are ready to use your voice on an AAC device, there may be a fee for that.  ImproveAbility can help you with getting your voice on your AAC device when the time comes.  Click on the button below to give ImproveAbility your info:

Voice banking is a way to create a custom voice if you ever require a speech generating device.  This custom voice will use recordings you save now to create a synthesized voice that sounds more like your natural voice.  Every year algorithms improve and voices sound more and more natural.

Voice Banking technology has vastly improved in the last few years.  There are systems available now that require only minutes to a few hours of voice samples to create a digitized voice that could be used with a communication device.  Voice Banking works for speech in multiple languages.

Message banking is a way to record you saying a whole phrase with your personal inflection.  These phrases can be uploaded to your communication device and used during conversations.  Phrases such as “I love you,” “Awesome,” “Sure thing,” or other saying you are known for have so much more meaning when they sound like YOU.

The voice banking and message banking process only has to be done once.  It can be used on multiple devices if necessary.

Voice banking and message banking should be done when your voice is still strong.  This will give better quality recordings and make sure your synthesized voice sounds the most like YOU.