Why the butterfly?

Picture that inspired my logo, 1/2 butterfly, 1/2 gears
My Inspiration

Why do I have a butterfly as part of the logo of my business?

The origin of using the butterfly was from a clipping that I cut out of a magazine about 10 years ago.  The picture was part butterfly and part gears, and it just grabbed me.  I have always been interested in science and art, and this picture spoke to me.  I carefully cut it out and pinned it on my cork board that I have by my mirror.  On this cork board I also have pictures of all my dearest friends, and I love seeing their faces while I get ready in the morning.

So, when I started to think about a name and symbol for my business, I showed this clipping to my friend Tim who created the logo.  He came up with the final design, and I am very happy with it.

Then I started to look into the deeper meaning of the butterfly, and I started to see even more parallels that work so well with the vision of my business.  I am in the business of transforming people to being able to do things that they may have thought they could never do – just as a caterpillar does not know how to fly, but after the process of metamorphosis flight is possible.  I call my company ImproveAbility because my goal is to improve my client’s ability in whatever their goal is.  I cannot undo their disability or make the world perfect for them, but if I am able to improve their ability to do the task, I have made their life that little bit better.

Also, I recently read that the butterfly is often used to symbolize the soul.  I think that this is so appropriate.  Throughout our lives we are constantly called upon to change and morph into the next stage in our journey.  As we are able to go through this process, the butterfly of our souls is allowed to fly free.  I also like the soul analogy because I strive to see people for who they are inside and not judge them on their looks or abilities.  This is the greatest gift that working with people with disabilities has given me.  I have such respect for people who are able to go on with life despite having great challenges.   Working with these people has allowed me to better be able to look past the exterior and really be able to see someone’s soul.  We are all butterfly souls with different skins on.

In my work, I meet people who are usually at the darkest part of this metamorphosis.  They are in the stage where life is asking them to completely change the way they view themselves.  But, hopefully with my help, and the help of everyone else in their circle, we are able to bring that person to a new place where they are transformed into a new, and hopefully, more capable self.

I usually do not get this deep, being a left-brained engineer and all, but this is something I am really passionate about.  I would love to hear others thought on this topic.